Don’t Tell Spy Master

Find Dasher Snobbeetles. I don’t find people, I just follow them. Everyone else finds people. Page says we have to go someplace called the Jade Dancer in the Southern Ward. There’s a weird flying blue globe with dancers along the way. That looks dangerous. The big Jade Dancer statue is a good dancer though, she’s nice. There are some halflings up on the balcony for Red to talk to cuz he looks halfling tonight. He’s up there for a long time, but then he comes down and disappears again. He knows where to go when he gets back, looking like himself again.

We’re all going to go to the Way Moot at noon tomorrow. I’m nervous, I think Spy Master wants me to do this, but what if I miss Dasher? I need the flock’s help.

Red spots him, and I spot Red. He talks to the guy a little, but I can’t get too close, or his friends might spook. Then they head off to an alley, and I follow, close enough to hear. Red tries to get him to leave town. Uh oh, what’s going on? I knew I should have done it myself. Dasher says he’s not leaving, okay good. Then turns into a wererat! Red says he’ll tell his family that he’s not coming back. Apparently wererats are bad for rich families. Red says he’ll go with me to explain to his family. Red’s much better with words, but I’m still nervous. This isn’t what Spy Master said to do.

The family starts saying how their son is dead when Red explains. I don’t understand, he’s just part rat now. The lady seems very sad, and the man is very serious and gives us the money. When we get home Red splits it up, and gives me extra for Spy Master. So, I send it along with a short note. Spy Master sends back a disappointed reply. I was right, I was supposed to do it myself and get all the money for him.

Maybe I can get him money on the next job; Red wants to rob a tomb. It’s a secret though, and dangerous. I have to go with him, I have to bring the shadows and protect the flock. Page and Orange are coming, too. I wonder if maybe Nevi should come, he’s got more magic, but Red doesn’t want a big group. The watch is out in force this week. Stay low, don’t tell, keep quiet.

Red says it’s the tomb of those people who hid the Nimblewright and the stone. They have lots of magic and traps protecting it. An illusory door, webs on the stairs. The first coffin sprayed acid all over me. The halls are full of fog cloud, I guess it could be worse. There’s lots of shiny, fancy things down here. Maybe Spy Master would like some of this. Can’t tell him where it came from though. Then Red set off a big fiery trap that woke up a big stone monster. It hurt Red and Orange a lot, but we crushed it!

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