Kolats’ Towers

Information Shared: Catbard – Harpers will send folk to keep an eye on us/the cabaret, for our protection. Everyone’s friends are afraid of Manshoon or wanting him dead. The towers have a big wall of force permanently domed around them. Red wants one for the cabaret. We’ll need magic to get through it. Maybe there’s another way. Some folk head off to look for town records on the original owners and the building. Red and I head out to scout it out.

Information Gathered: The main tower is massively tall, seven stories, and the floors seem to be twenty feet apart. The walls look climbable, and there’s a bit door out front, and lots of windows. Another smaller tower, and a big lower building, too. The windows all look dirty, but well light with flickering light. There are lit braziers at stair up to the front door. Clearly, someone is living here. Red wants to check for sewer entrances, but down there it’s just as sealed off. If not magically. Or at least, we can’t see if the shield extends below ground, the sewers just stop. The others say the original brothers upset the city guilds so they just refused to give them sewer connection.

A Plan: Mary Mouse, Orange, and Nevi head off to talk to the Grey Hand about getting a teleport specialist to look at the Yellow Spire. When they come back, however, Orange says the Blackstaff herself will help us into the tower. She wants to claim the towers for the Grey Hand, and is willing to fight Manshoon’s clone to do it. Red says Xanathar wants the tower, too. He says that Xanathar will be waiting to take it once we defeat Manshoon, and Blackstaff won’t have the forces there to stop them. Then he sends a creepy little brain-thing off to alert his Boss. Orange agrees and heads off to tell Blackstaff we agree to her plan, for tomorrow midmorning.

A Plea for Help: A quick note to Spy Master, and a raven drops by. It turns into a sun elf, Davel Starsong, I think he said, Master of Opportunities. He’s very excited about the upcoming battle in the streets. He thinks maybe the Zhentarim can help save the Blackstaff from Xanathar’s minions. He gives me a tiny glass shiny, says to throw it at whatever is powering the shield, but don’t die. My friends are so nice, worrying about me so much.

The Tower: The Blackstaff arrives right on time the next morning, and we head out. She opens a hole in the wall and we all head through, climbing over the main wall around the place. Red opens a window for us, and we all creep into the main tower. Where we get attacked by a bunch of gargoyles when Nevi pulls a book off the shelves. We crush them, and head upstairs. There’s a weird platform up by a window and Orange jumps up there, while Red heads out a door that leads to a path to the other tower. Orange starts shouting and jumps down, with a chest attached to himself. We smack it until it lets go. We empty out the other chest of stuff, and then head across the walkway to see what Red found. There’s a big wizard statue, but it doesn’t attack.

The Second Tower: We head downstairs, but it’s just garbage, so we head up the tower instead. It’s another library with “Alcador” written on the wall, Then through a door to the other side, labeled “Duhlar” or something, it’s fancy script. The books attack us in here, but we knock them all down. The top of this tower is a teleportation circle and 5 more chests. Then three small eye-monsters and a bunch of flying snakes attack us. Those snakes hurt bad! Once we put them down, I throw daggers at all the chests, but none of them attack. They have a bunch of tools and supplies, and some vials of stuff. Nevi says the teleport thing is odd, like it has locks or something. Time to go back to the main tower.

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