Guards, Apprentices, and a Cook

Back in the main tower, there’s no way up, so another locked door it is. This one leads into a bedroom where we steal some more books, paper, ink, and gold. There’s an up staircase here, but also a down. Red seems certain that we have to go down first. We all trudge downstairs, but he sneaks ahead while we wait. When he comes back, he says there’s folk in the room beyond this one, and to leave the cook alone.

We give him time to sneak away again and then go charging through the kitchen and into a dining room full of guards. Some of them hit pretty hard, but so do we. I even get to stun one of them. After, we have a nice meal in the kitchen with our new cook. Red says he’s going to come work for us, but the cook doesn’t look so sure. I found a shiny ring on the best fighter, and Red wants to trade me for a gross piece of skin with one of the fake tattoos on it. Ewwww!! No! I do give it to the Blackstaff. She says it can get us through the teleport circle.

Then we head back upstairs and up again. Red comes running back down, but when I go up, it’s just a bunch of sticks, so we break them all, and I get a cracked black marble orb. It’s really shiny. The next room is kind of creepy with tables and a cage with a gargoyle in it. She wants to crush evil, so we let her out to help us. Says her name is Lady Gondafrey, and Duhlark was the one who trapped her. Manshoon just left her there. She says that the next rooms are servant quarters, a summoning room where the apprentices summon creatures from the hells, and a construct workshop, and then the very last one was Duhlark’s private study.

There are a few thugs in the servant’s quarters, and one runs away while we take care of the other two. The fast one got into the summoning room and shut the door behind him. We all posted up in the stairwell, while Red unlocked the door. They were ready though, and we were greeted by a fireball when he opened it. It’s a big of a blur after that, running and fighting a demon and spells flying. Then it got really cold, and dark. Until Orange woke me up.

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