Found Her!!!

The floating, bleeding egg was so awful and it hurt my head so much! N found a small campsite nearby and The Elephant Man found tracks leading away. We all followed quickly, but it just got worse. Fuc keeps hearing voices. The path led to towers of dirt, stone, flesh, hair, and teeth! It was so disgusting! There was a crater between them, with a big pretty piece of purple glass in the center! Then I could hear the voices too! Borrem, borrem, borrem, borrem, borrem! I tried to talk to the voices by everyone looked at me strangely, but then I couldn’t stop and I kept trying to talk to them, but no one understood!

After a while of trying to fix us, because Fuc was babbling just like me, N gave up and went into the crater. Fuc and I stopped babbling immediately! So, we all went to investigate together. Jeni Mouse said someone is inside the glass, so they start smashing it! I back way up, because the egg broke and started Bleeding everywhere, and I don’t know what this is going to do, and there’s lots of bad things here!!!

A woman comes out, with red hair, golden eyes, and purple robes, just like the glass! She’s holding a little egg that looks kinda like the big egg, only it’s not broken yet. She seems confused about being rescued, and then very alarmed. She looks at us all, making sure we’re not the weird creatures from this awful place. She says the egg crashed here and she couldn’t get away, so she tried to contain it. Someone tells her about the bleeding egg, and she gets even more scared, hurrying that way.

Her little egg is growing in her hand, but no one can take it from her or smash it. There noises from the bad things coming back. She says that this place is wrong and something is holding it here. She thinks the bad things are here because of something inside the big egg. Then N hits her egg with lightning and it explodes!!! Jeni Mouse goes quiet then, N starts laughing and screaming, Jeni Cat gets really scared of the big egg, The Elephant Man and Doon stopped moving, and the Lady starts hitting The Elephant Man. Fortunately, this made him start moving again, so Fuc hits Doon to get him going, too.

I fly up and see the bad things coming from all sides! But there’s also a way into the egg from the top. I fly back down, dusting a few and we get everyone flying up and into the egg. Jeni Cat is not about any of that, but she blindfolds herself and we keep moving. It is the absolute WORST in that egg!!! The hot and moist and there are faces in the walls, and it’s squishy and the air pulses!

Down in the center we find a bunch of the bad things, and an even worse thing with tentacles and only a mouth for a face! It’s a room of blood and islands, and we have to fight them. I stay up really high, and confuse a couple for a bit. Then I turn the tentacle guy into a bunny, but his things hit him out of it. Then I make them all glow blue. Everyone else shoots and hits and blows them all up. It’s really bad and scary and painful and I really don’t like it at all!

Then everything starts shaking, and I want to fly away, but the Lady says we have to all gather together and go back to their home. But I don’t want to go! There home is scary and Outside! But it’s scary here right now, too, so Doon grabs my hand and we all disappear. And reappear in a field outside a big dirty city. Fuc invites us to come into town for dinner before the Lady takes us back home.

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