Deeper and Deeper

Destroyed the hunter. At least it can rest now.

The battle before the Black Temple. All those souls lost, and lost again. Oh, my dear Talmyth, you followed me to your death. I am so sorry.

Gruumsh, that one-eyed betrayer. His spear was too strong for me. They fall, but rise again. The young man, nearly crushed beneath the weight, as I was. But they are stronger than me. They rise, they come.

They go. They must recover. Even I rested between great battles. Will they return? They must. Must return to me.

Fighting at the gate. What is happening? The thieves trying to stop them returning. Stop them coming back to me. They must not stop them!

They have returned. To find my greatest shame. A village I did not save. But they fight for the villagers and send the soldiers running. Would that I could have been so brave.

Maeska, my old friend. I left you so long ago. Maybe they will bring you to me.

The Nauthveli is no match for them, but the tides prove more dangerous. The small, blue-haired one now feels my despair for herself.

Embrace Death, my friends. It seeks us all. There is no escape. My burning fury takes you when you refuse.

A respite beyond my sight. Treasures of old, part of the old estate, surely. They are not deterred.

The crown takes the young man. He is so much like me. Wishes only to live his life free of burden, with his friends. Friends who pull him back.

The mirrors of my life. Reflecting back my journey, my sorrows, my strife. It shows their strife, too. Horrible things have happened to them all. They understand my pain. They will set me free!

A little spirit leads them on, onward towards death. Always death. Freedom in death. They see it, but they hesitate to seek it.


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