Remind them what suffering is. Whisper in their ears, in their minds as they sleep. I seep into them. So close, and yet they stopped. Why? Why so close?

They find the last mote, but still they horde them. Greedy three keeping three motes each. My little ghost sets them on the proper path. They must all feel my suffering. To truly understand it, even just a mote of it.

Here! They are here! They want to set me free. But questions, so many questions. The pretty bard is convincing, but the others are not convinced. I will show them! I will destroy THEM!

Grabbing arms and slicing spears. They will feel my fury and my pain. I will show them if my memories did not prove my suffering!

Judge me? No, Judge Them! They left me here, and I will have Justice. Striking down with My Radiant light. Their gifts will be their downfall. Locked away, too? Everyone dead? What justice, then, what is the point?

Too old. It’s been too long. Just kill me. Here, I’ll make it easy for you. NO! Not on my back like a child, kill me standing and facing me like a man.

Another life? A new life? In a brand new world. Perhaps there is yet hope. A world that still needs hope and heroes.

Let us go from this place, and rid my home of its corruption. Start new and fresh.

~Alyxian, Apotheon no more

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