Syran called me a traitor, but he’s gone now, never to bother me again. I didn’t want to die, again, and he didn’t protect me like he was supposed to do. Just let these adventurers come and drag me off into the clean room. What did he expect? He betrayed me first. I didn’t live this long to die like this, powerless and burned to death by torches.

So, yes, I talked to them. I made a deal. My life and Ghor Veles for safe passage and a map. I only promised my zombies wouldn’t hurt them, they still have to get past Oracs and his guards themselves. But oh, if they do! They better, he’ll be very upset with me if they don’t. I just wanted to survive. I hope they kill that old beast properly. If it can even be done. He’s like me, phylactery hidden and safe, but they seem smart, they’ll find it, surely. Please find it.

~Oblyx, Soon to be Alhoun Ruler of all Ghor Veles

Tasty morsels in the stairs. Sleeping in the webs. Come little bugs, come and feed me. Your souls smell so shiny and bright.

Orcus’ minions see them coming. Gaze and strike. But they fall, pitiful things. Barely worth keeping. Oblyx will make me better guardians from these who come.

The Guardians stand, fight and fall. Strong are these who come. Delicious they will be. Fodder for my armies. Oblyx will have to put the guardians back together. Make them stronger.

Burn them down. Take them. Strike them. Kill them! Feel my might! Feel my wrath! I will kill them all!

But they burn so, strike so. They fall. No, stay down. Stop that! I Will Not Fall!


~Oracs, Dracolich Ruler of all Ghor Veles

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