Syran called me a traitor, but he’s gone now, never to bother me again. I didn’t want to die, again, and he didn’t protect me like he was supposed to do. Just let these adventurers come and drag me off into the clean room. What did he expect? He betrayed me first. I didn’t live this long to die like this, powerless and burned to death by torches.

So, yes, I talked to them. I made a deal. My life and Ghor Veles for safe passage and a map. I only promised my zombies wouldn’t hurt them, they still have to get past Oracs and his guards themselves. But oh, if they do! They better, he’ll be very upset with me if they don’t. I just wanted to survive. I hope they kill that old beast properly. If it can even be done. He’s like me, phylactery hidden and safe, but they seem smart, they’ll find it, surely. Please find it.

~Oblyx, Soon to be Alhoun Ruler of all Ghor Veles

Tasty morsels in the stairs. Sleeping in the webs. Come little bugs, come and feed me. Your souls smell so shiny and bright.

Orcus’ minions see them coming. Gaze and strike. But they fall, pitiful things. Barely worth keeping. Oblyx will make me better guardians from these who come.

The Guardians stand, fight and fall. Strong are these who come. Delicious they will be. Fodder for my armies. Oblyx will have to put the guardians back together. Make them stronger.

Burn them down. Take them. Strike them. Kill them! Feel my might! Feel my wrath! I will kill them all!

But they burn so, strike so. They fall. No, stay down. Stop that! I Will Not Fall!


~Oracs, Dracolich Ruler of all Ghor Veles

Ghosts and Ghoulies

First there were ghosts and huge bat things who brought darkness with them, all screaming and shrieking. Then we went inside and there was even Louder screaming. Master said it was just coming from the wall. The walls are screaming? No time to think about that though, a bunch of really disgusting creatures are answering the scream. The little metal man turns them to dust though, good man.

Off to the right, always right, Master tells me. But what if the designer knows that, maybe we should go left this time? Right we go. The dark one says there’s traps, so Master makes them not traps anymore. And we find a door with a bunch of slightly more put-together gross creatures. These have weapons and armor, but the metal man takes care of a bunch of them, too. We make quick work of the ones that don’t fall apart. They take the thing’s big mace, and find a bit mirror and cloak in a closet. Seems like the mirror’s real bad, but we bring it along anyway.

Up a tower that doesn’t have stairs all the way up. Some of the folk just want to leave, but the others convince them to stay. And some tiny flaming skulls bomb us about halfway up. They’re real bad, but they break pretty easy. Don’t know how I survived that, but Master takes care of me. Up top there’s a very sad looking ghost lady, but they all kill her before she screams at us. They seem real scared of her. Maybe she looks familiar to one of them and they know what they did to make her sad. Master’s cousin finds a pretty bottle and opens it and a big angry airy lady comes out. She wants to leave this place. Me too, lady, me too. There’s a weird argument before they give her the bottle and let her go. She just flies out the arrow slit or something, and we head back down.

The other side of this floor has a room full of mummies. Do not like! They’re rotting and gross and almost kill the big human. He does not look good when it’s all done. They take a cloak made of rats and insects from the big one’s body. It might be magic, but it’s real disgusting. They don’t even put it in the bag with the rest of their stuff.

There’s another tower, and more people think it’s time to leave, but metal man and dark man once again convince them to stay. I guess it’s magic and not what they actually feel. I don’t need magic to want to leave, though. This one has ghosts that come out of the walls to try and possess folk, but nobody wants to talk to them. Up top, a big chest attacks Master, so they break it good. A skull and onyx dog are all they find inside. It’s a little girl apparently, and her pet Cerby. The holy ones do a whole big funeral ritual for her, to set her spirit to rest, and Master’s cousin promises to take good care of her dog. Then everyone rests and they figure out what all the things they stole were. They get even more nervous about the mirror, though some want to open it up and let the demons out. So glad they don’t.

They find a set of stairs going down next, but when they go in the first room, I get pushed back home. I hope they’re alright.


Long Flight to Nowhere

Come, Asa. Go, Asa. We’re going to fly over some horrible mountains, Asa.

The young master was running all over the city for an entire week, while I watched from the sky. Several people followed him, but none got close. Even when he ran around by himself. Leaving me in the sky. I can protect him better from there anyway. He’s not really a mounted fighter, though not unskilled at staying astride.

Thank goodness, because after summoning me and then ignoring me for a week, he and all his friends decide to fly over a mountain range. Such a strange place, swirling winds, not a small number of creatures looking to feast on the unwary. And landing, on sharp, jagged rocks. I’m glad I didn’t have to stay with them at night. There was not a single comfortable place to roost.

Then, when we finally reach the destination, after flying through a disgusting miasma, he dismisses me, again! Too dangerous, he says. Young master, I am not merely a taxi! If you wanted that, you should have gotten a horse.

~Asa no Hikari

Asa’s lucky he didn’t have to come in here. Disgusting creatures crawling all over the place. And the screaming…


Fresh Air

It’s very bright, and yellow here. Strange place to be summoned, and an even stranger Master. But I like the nest on his head, if a little spikey.

Off to go speak with this excited young demon’s masters. It seems very excited that the group got rid of some corruption from the city. Cobalt Soul, the young Master calls them. I like him, this old man who derides his other underling, but is nice to the excited demon. He gives them all shinies in bags. Says they’d be happy to meet rescued folks and chat with them. The dark one wanders off to go look for something big and shiny.

A young boy waiting, to take them to the big beautiful building in the center of the city. Don’t mind me tagging along. There’s a big beast up in the sky that seems to be tailing us. Master says it’s fine.

Ja’mon sa Ord. He’s a big guy. Quiet, kind. He gives them lots of shinies in a magic box. Wonder if Master will let me have some for my nest. The dark one is more interested in papers than shinies, can I have his?

Oh. Guess we’re giving the the shinies away for bigger shinies. We go all over the city trading small for big. The dark one is a good talker and makes the shop people take less shinies for their stuff.

The dark one and the red one are all excited about dead people, or murders? Their murders? I don’t get it, but the tall man really doesn’t like it and left. I think I’ll eat some of Master’s dinner and go to sleep.

A lazy morning, and now we’re running through a magic circle. Oh, it’s dark here, but the men with pointy sticks know the dark one. So, we go outside, but it’s still dark here. Dark but lit up with lots of green lights. He takes us to a fancy building and Master gets his own room and they give us lots of food. It’s a nice place here. Much better than the dry sandy place.

We sit around for a couple days, then we go to the big dark building and into a very bright room. They make a man appear on the altar, and everyone is really happy and give him clothes and things. Then we go meet the dark one’s little green mother.

Now, we’re off again to a dirty place, full of smells and animals. Master takes me to meet a dragon lady and drinks stuff that give him horns and no reflection. He doesn’t like that and she makes it all go away. But he gets more drinks from her before we leave.

Now we’re guarding a shiny building. Master says it’s because the tall man is scared of people coming to get him. We guard it for days before he finally comes out again. He looks better, if still scared.

Where are we going next? They have lots of ideas, I think I’ll take another nap while they decide. This nest is turning out quite nice.

~Juxua, the crow


Remind them what suffering is. Whisper in their ears, in their minds as they sleep. I seep into them. So close, and yet they stopped. Why? Why so close?

They find the last mote, but still they horde them. Greedy three keeping three motes each. My little ghost sets them on the proper path. They must all feel my suffering. To truly understand it, even just a mote of it.

Here! They are here! They want to set me free. But questions, so many questions. The pretty bard is convincing, but the others are not convinced. I will show them! I will destroy THEM!

Grabbing arms and slicing spears. They will feel my fury and my pain. I will show them if my memories did not prove my suffering!

Judge me? No, Judge Them! They left me here, and I will have Justice. Striking down with My Radiant light. Their gifts will be their downfall. Locked away, too? Everyone dead? What justice, then, what is the point?

Too old. It’s been too long. Just kill me. Here, I’ll make it easy for you. NO! Not on my back like a child, kill me standing and facing me like a man.

Another life? A new life? In a brand new world. Perhaps there is yet hope. A world that still needs hope and heroes.

Let us go from this place, and rid my home of its corruption. Start new and fresh.

~Alyxian, Apotheon no more